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Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing is now becoming one of the most in demand services in the digital marketing space. This is because it doesn’t matter whether you sell to businesses or consumers; the individuals you need to contact will likely reside on social networks.  Our job here at Marketing Madness is to manage your brand’s presence across one, or multiple platforms to help maximise the return you can achieve from your digital marketing transference strategy.

We will create a Social Media marketing strategy based on your specific objectives. This, complemented by exceptional and specialist marketing support dedicated to your individual needs plus a response time of no more than 5 minutes will provide a solid return on investment.

  • Visuals and videography requirements in collaboration with affiliated teams
  • Working across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc
  • Working to a 90 day digital marketing planning programme (quarterly) with full content creation and new ideas
  • Finding local PR opportunities to maximise exposure for campaigns i.e. links with radio, press etc
  • Marketing research initiatives with clear objectives
  • Your brand’s tone of voice
  • Tailor-made strategies
  • Dedicated support
  • Monthly Analytical performance reports


    Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is fast becoming one of the best marketing methods from a return on investment standpoint. The main ingredients for success is the huge range of unique targeting options, which when combined, provides thousands of potential audiences. This allows you to promote carefully constructed messages to niche audiences.

As well as the option to set up advertisements based on simple demographics such as gender, location, age, social media allows for the accurate targeting of people with certain interests and characteristics. This can include specific job titles, parental status, employer and even the likelihood of an individual being a first time home buyer.

Recruiting new customers (cold leads) through ‘outbound’ advertising is just the tip of the social media advertising iceberg.  Social media re-marketing is something that is quickly growing into a necessity for businesses both who operate business to business, business to consumer; large and small. We can help you entice lapsed leads and repeat customers back to your website, through showing adverts to people who are already aware of your brand/company.

Working from your marketing objectives and budget, we can advise and implement campaigns on behalf of your company.   We always take pride in our strategy work, creative work and ongoing monitoring and optimisation of campaigns to ensure the best return on investment for our clients can be achieved.

  • We offer a range of social media marketing monthly support packages starting with our Kick-starter programme. Connect with me @mktgmad to find out more or email

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