Feel like you’re running but struggling to keep up?

Well let me tell you…if you do then you are not on your own! We are surrounded by so much noise digitally…do this, do that, read this, read that, follow him, un-follow her, blog this, tag her, join a million groups….arrrrgggggghhhh. I realised a few weeks ago I was getting soooo stressed purely and simply cos I felt I was missing out if I didn’t read or contribute to every single group I was involved with on ‘Social’ or hadn’t wished a Facebook ‘friend’ Happy Birthday (600+ quite some feat to keep up with yeah?!?) I then decided that do you know what there is only so much time in the day, only so many groups to interact with I still have 3 kids (4 if you include my husband!) to feed and run about after that if I am not careful I will just burn myself out and actually if I stop following, posting, contributing…would anyone actually care!? Probably a big fat NO! I now am so much more focused in terms of my work priorities and I spend far less time worrying about the extra noise that can so easily interrupt my flow. Remember don’t compare yourself with what everyone else is doing (or seems to be doing) concentrate on what you enjoy and love doing… for me I am a lot less jumbled, stressed and distracted. I know that I am able to achieve great things but at the pace I am comfortable with. Keep smiling…not surviving!!